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How can I see pictures from camp?
Please click on the 'Photos' button near the top of the left column. You will be taken to recent photos from camp. To see more photos organized by date and/or theme, click on the 'photo archives' button near the bottom of the left column
How do I see all pictures?
To see photos organized by date and/or 'album', click on the 'photo archives' button near the bottom of the left column. You may also click on recent photos links near the bottom center of the page when you are viewing the 'news'.
I saw a picture the other day and now I can't find it, what should I do?
Click on the 'photo archive' button near the bottom of the left column. Search for the day you saw the photo and then start hunting!
How often are photos uploaded to the site?
Camps try their best to update the photos on site on a daily basis. However, this will vary depending on the camp's availability. Please continue to check the site for updates.
Can I make the pictures bigger?
Yes. Click on the 'zoom' button while you are viewing any set of thumbnail pictures (4 to a page) and the picture will become larger.
Can I share this site with others?
Yes! Please share the camp experience with whomever you see fit. You may send: (1) a picture, (2) your personal photo album or (3) invite others to have full access to login and see all pictures and newsletters. You may access options 1 and 2 whenever you have 'zoomed' in on a photo. You may exercise option 3 by clicking on the 'invite family and friends' button at the top of the right column.
I emailed several camp pictures to a friend, but the same one gets sent every time. What am I doing wrong?
You are not doing anything wrong. When sending camp pictures to friends and family, a link is sent in an email for this person to view the photo granting them access to this one particular area of the site only. Typically, browsers will cache this information which is why your friend only sees the one picture. Advise your friend to click on the logout button on the lower left side before attempting to view the other photos you sent.
How do I set the 'Favorite Picture'?
When you have zoomed in on a photo, a button will appear at the center button that says 'save as favorite photo'. Click this button. If at any time you wish to change this photo, you may repeat the process and the newer photo will become your favorite.
How many Favorite Pictures can I save?
You can only save 1 Favorite Photo at a time. However, if you would like to save several camp photos, you can create a photo album.
What is a photo album?
An album is a group of pictures. Your camp has made several albums for your viewing pleasure that are accessible in the 'photo archives'. You may also construct your own alum. To do this, simply zoom in on pictures you like and add them to your photo album. You may always access your saved alum by clicking the 'my photo album' near the bottom of the left column.
How do I change my photo album?
You must first click on 'my photo album'. While you are viewing pictures, you may select the 'delete from my album'. You may always add photos as you are browsing from anywhere on the site by clicking 'add to my album' once you have zoomed in on a photo.
Can I print these photos to my printer?
Yes. Feel free to print as many pictures as you like, they are here for your enjoyment.
Can I save these photos on my computer?
Yes. To do this, hold the mouse over the picture, click the right mouse button and select the 'save picture as' option.
How long will these photos be available to see online?
All photos, albums and archives will be available through the end of the camp season and into the early fall. Your camp may choose to maintain after this period has ended. In all likelihood, eCamp will offer a CD-ROM photo yearbook which will encompass all photos, newsletters and more from the summer web site.
Can I buy these photos?
It depends on how your camp is set up. Some camps yes, some no. You will see buttons if the pictures are available for purchase in print, mug, t-shirt or other possible formats.
I still need help or have questions.
The above questions and answers cover 80% of all questions posed. If you have not received your answer yet, please click here to be transferred to the Customer Service page where you will have access to email and telephone support.


How much do emails cost?
Each email costs 1 credit despite the length of the email. If you choose to add borders, photos, or games to your email, each add-on costs 1 additional credit.
I sent an email to my camper today. When will my camper receive the email?
Each camp has its own specified time for mail delivery. This time is posted on the email page. The camp will receive the emails at this time, download them, and print them. It is then up to the camp to distribute them at the designated mail call time.
I wrote an email to my camper and I was timed out of the site. Why did this happen?
For security reasons, you will be logged out of your account if you are inactive for 60 minutes. Please be sure to save a draft of your email your email to ensure your letter will not be lost.
I saved a draft of my email. Where do I go to find it?
Please note that you can only save one email draft at a time. This draft will save in the textbox where you write your email. Once you have sent the email, you can view the message in your Mail History.
What is Mail History?
Your mail history keeps record of all the emails you send to your camper(s). In your mail history, you can view the message you sent, the date and time of sending, how many credits were used in the email, and what add-ons you applied to the email.
The email I wrote sent twice accidentally. Can I get the other credit back?
Of course. We understand that there will be circumstances when internet browsers or computers do not function properly 100% of the time. If you send an email twice by accident, please contact your camp directly and they will be able to assist you.
I used up all the credits I purchased. Can I buy more?
It depends on your camp. To make an additional credit purchase, please login to your account and click on the email button. If this option is available, you will see a drop down menu on the upper right hand side of the page where you can select an amount of credits to purchase, and the corresponding prices. Please follow the on site instructions to complete the purchase.
My camper just came home and showed me the emails I sent. Why were the borders and photos not printed in color?
Most camps use laser printers that print in black and white. Considering the hundreds of emails the camp receives on a daily basis, a laser printer is the fastest and most cost efficient way to print emails.
I gave some of my credits to one of my invitees and the credits were not used. How can I get these credits back?
For any questions regarding invitees and credits, please contact your camp directly and they will be able to assist you.


What is in the news?
The news articles typically contain information and updates as to what is going on at camp including camp events, camper birthdays, weather conditions, and so on. Similar to photos, the news articles will be updated at the camps availability. Please note, not all camps use the news feature.
When I click on the news button, only a portion of the news article displays. How do I read the entire article?
The news page displays the headlines of all the news articles for the day and a snippet of the content. To read the entire article, click on the "View full article" link.
I read a news article the other day, and now I cannot find it. What should I do?
Similar to photos, all past news articles are archived on the site. To view the archives, click on the "news archives" button on the lower left hand side. Select the corresponding year and start searching!
I clicked on the news button, and it says that there are "no articles available". What do I do?
Typically, the most recent news article(s) the camp posted will be displayed when clicking on the news button. However, if your camp has not updated the news articles for several days, you may see this message. Simply click on the news archives button if you would like to review the articles again.


What is a login code?
The camp login code is a one-time use security feature to protect the privacy of your camper. This code must be entered in order to create and account and prevents any unwanted user from accessing the site. Your camp will provide you with the login code in flyer form or other important mailing information. If you do not have the login code, please contact your camp directly. Please note, not all camps use a login code.
Why is the login code I was given not working?
Please note that login codes are case sensitive. Enter the login code as it was given to you. If you are still encountering trouble, please contact your camp directly to confirm the camp's login code.
Why do I need to provide my personal information and my camper's personal information?
We collect voluntary information because it helps us better deliver services to you. The main legal reason to collect your information has to do with email accountability. You may opt not to provide personal data; however, your services may be limited as a result of that decision. Furthermore, in the event that you contact us for assistance, we use your personal information as a means to verify your identity. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.
What are packages?
Packages contain items that will grant you access to the site and allow you to use the products available. Package availability may vary depending on your camp and packages are on a per camper basis. Please note that eCamp only accepts credit cards as a payment method.
I do not want to use my credit card online. What other options do I have?
Please be assured that our site is secure. eCamp highly values customer security and privacy. However, if you would rather not provide your credit card information online, you can purchase prepaid credit cards at your local grocery store or corner store to make purchases on our sites.
How long will my account be active?
Your account will be active from the time you register until the following camp season. Don't worry; you will have plenty of time to look through all the camp photos and news articles!


What are invitees?
Invitees are people you would like to have access to the site (for example, your camper's grandparents). Inviting people to the site will create a secondary account under your account. You do have the ability to restrict your invitee's access.
How many invitees can I have?
You can invite as many people as you would like to view the site.
How do invitees login to the site?
Once you have added invitees to your account, an automated email message will be sent to them providing their username and computer generated password. Please note, invitees do not need the camp login code and they do not share your password.
Can my invitees change their computer generated password to another password that is easier for them to remember?
Yes. To do this, your invitees can use the "I forgot my password, what do I do?" feature on the login page of the website. They must follow the instructions on site to change their password. They can also contact our Customer Service team to have their password reset on their behalf.
Can I delete my invitees that did not use the site?
Yes. Deleting an invitee will disable their access to the site and remove them as a secondary user under your account. To do this, please follow the below instructions:
  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on the "invite" button on the lower left hand side
  3. Click on the "Manage my Invitees" button on the upper right hand side
  4. Locate the invitee you would like to remove and click on the EDIT link next to their name
  5. Click on the "Delete this Invitee" button under "Actions"


How do I change my password?
Go to the login page of the site and click on the link provided under "I forgot my password, what do I do?" You will be asked to enter your email address. An email will appear in your inbox containing a link and further instructions on how to reset your password. Please note this link will only be active for 1 hour for security purposes.
I tried resetting my password and entered my email address, but I did not receive the email. Why?
The email message sent to your inbox comes from a "no-reply" email address, which is often recognized as spam or junk. Please be sure to check your spam and junk folders for this email message.

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